Briefly in English

Briefly in English

Verkko-osuuskunta Oulunseudun Laajakaista, OLKA, is on non-profit organization created to provide broad band networks for residents, companies and any public or private communities in Oulu and its neighbouring municipalities. At the moment we have about 500 end users and we operate our own network in southern parts of Oulu (Oulunsalo), in Kempele (mainly Vihiluoto area) and in Muhos.

In technical point of view, we rely on fibre optical solutions. Optical fibre is the only known technology with transfer capacity to meet the ever-growing demands for decades to come. It also is significantly faster and much more reliable compared to networks build with any other known consumer technologies.

Optical fibre is the answer to data transfer demands of the future. But it is here already, right now.

If you are interested in optical fibre networks and want to know more, please send us an email ( More contact information can be found in here.